Our trainees finished the training by being confident and assertive!

On December 26, 2013 the training for assertiveness and building self-confidence was completed. The same was attended by 9 participants. The training was structured in 7 sessions, each systematically, logically, and functionally developed.

The training was conducted in our training center and those who completed it now know:

  • to control their emotions and to express their negative feelings and opinions in a constructive way;
  • to have confidence in solving their problems with an outcome in which both sides gain;
  • how to create a positive self-image in terms of building their self-confidence;
  • how to identify their needs and to achieve the same through the application of the techniques of assertive communication
  • how to recognize their own limits and opportunities to say “no” when necessary.

How was the training for the participants?

The participants were relaxed during the training; they shared, actively listened and helped each other by giving different opinions, each of its aspect. During the training, we had a team in which the educators were the guides giving directions, and the rest was a product of the group. At the end of each session, the participants came out smiling and energetic, although the training was held in the afternoons. The participants developed their own self-confidences and learned how to be assertive.

Aneta Spirevska, participant in the training, in the last session stated “It was very pleasant being part of this group and I think we certainly had the honor to be trained by professional trainers. You all a bit of my confidence and I thank you for it.”

The participants were especially positively surprised by the methods and they did not expect to be trained by such warm and friendly trainers. They did not expect of the trainers to offer personal examples and to be that opened. “I am more than satisfied with the overall commitment of the training, the way things were brought closer to us, very professional, but also friendly, an opened approach to all of us!“ – statement by Monika Stojanova.


The training through the prism of the trainers

The trainers were more than satisfied by the group, at some moments they were even fascinated by the composition of the group, joined on one place, in our training centar. The applied methods reached their goal, each participant actively participated in the process and the received positive feedback from the group means a lot to us. The satisfaction of the successful work done was evident and with eagerness, we expect the participants to choose us again, on another topic, more assertive and more self-confident.


The participants on the training for Developing And Managing Projects Funded By The EU now have practical skills!

On December 24, 2013, the training for developing and managing projects funded by the EU was concluded. On the training, 10 participants that decided to invest in themselves to build their own capacities acquired applicable knowledge thanks to the experienced trainers and their selflessness in sharing their knowledge with the participants.
The training was conducted in our training centar and from the same the participants gained the following knowledge:

  • Identifying the possibilities
  • Registration and work in PADOR
  • Developing effective partnerships for projects
  • Preparing successful Grant Proposals (logical framework, successfully setting goals and specific targets, risks, achieved results, defining goals and a plan for implementation)
  • Assessment of the draft application in accordance with the selection criteria
  • Managing the Contract Grant

How was the training for the participants?

The expectations of the participants since the beginning of the training were very realistic and achievable. We are especially glad that they responded appropriately and the participants acquired exactly what was established. The process, which we always give a great importance to in the learning, is what they were most satisfied from. One participant who had previously been part of another training of Triagolnik stated that this is exactly the way in which he can learn, through examples, through trials and mistakes and of course the approach that allowed the participants to have like mentoring from the trainers. “When I choose a training offered by Triagolnik, I know that I choose quality.”
The participants said they felt free to ask questions and they felt comfortable during the training which is also a key prerequisite for a better quality in the learning process.



How was the training in the prism of the trainers?

The combination of trainers’ experiences in the implementation of European projects and their experience and expertise in guiding groups, or as trainers made this training successful and thorough in providing knowledge applicable to the group.

One of the trainers mentioned that what always fascinated her with the work of groups is the change in the way of thinking over the sessions. “I saw a change from common idea offer, which was during the first sessions and starting from there, you got to the point to work this idea out, to analyze how to realize it, thinking broadly, not seeing the idea as an isolated segment.”



10 companies and 3 HR managers rewarded for using best practices in the development of their human resources

On December 18, 2013, with a start at 1pm, in Hotel “Alexander Palace”, at the conference “The strategic approach in the development of the employees, a key in the success of an organization”, organized by Centre for Non-formal Education Triagolnik, 10 companies and 3 HR managers were rewarded for their efforts in employees’ development.


The rewarded companies were selected after a previous detailed analysis of practices used. The process of selection and the analysis of the used practices were done by interviews with the leading HR managers in the companies. The 10 companies that apply the best practices in the development of their employees were selected and those are:

  • Telekom Macedonia
  • NLB Tutunska banka
  • Skopski leguri
  • Donia
  • Makstil
  • Porsche Macedonia
  • Insurance Macedonia
  • Makoten DOOEL, Casino Flamingo Hotel
  • Duna computers

Based on the same analysis the most successful HR managers were selected and those are:

  • Lazar Popovski, Head Director for HR  for Makedonski Telekom and T-mobile Macedonia
  • Dragi Tasevski, Head Director of HR in NLB Tutunska banka
  • Tanja Filipovska Penkova, Head Director of HR in Skopski Leguri

We congratulate them!

The main speakers at the conference were:

Mr. Brandan Carson, Senior Strategist of British Telekom, who shared specific examples and practices in the implementation of a system for developing human resources in a company that has over 80,000 employees, and how these same practices are related to the objectives of the organization and how they contribute to its positive financial performance.

Mr. Zoran Ivanov, a longtime and well-recognized journalist, who shared practical experiences and knowledge learned through running and developing staff and implementing major organizational change in his life so far.

Mr. Cvetko Smilevski, founder and consultant of Detra Centar, who shared a perspective on the development of the HR profession in Macedonia in the past 20 years.

Starting from the belief that the people are the driving force of any organization, company or institution, Triagolnik organized the conference to enable the organizations, the companies, and the institutions to advance their knowledge in the area of strategic investment in human capital, and to give recognition to the most successful ones.


HR conference-18th of December

The conference is being organized in order to raise awareness of the need for investment in human resources, but also to recognize and acknowledge the efforts of the Macedonian companies, organization and institutions that believe and invest in their employees and as a result they continually develop and achieve excellent results on the field.


10 Macedonian organizations will receive award for the use of best practices for development of their employees at the conference. The conference will be attended by hundreds of companies that participated in the selection process and shared their approach of work and the used tools for monitoring and development of their employees.
The participants in the conference will have an opportunity to listen to experienced practitioners from Republic of Macedonia and Europe in regards to the concrete practices for development of employees that contribute to increasing of the efficiency, productivity and motivation of the employees. Moreover, they will have an opportunity to hear about the practices that enable improvement of the work performance and transformation of each employee, and lead toward continuous development and sustainability of one organization.
The main speakers of the conference will be:
- Brandon Carlson, senior strategy manager in British Telecom, one of the leading companies in Europe
- Zoran Ivanov, journalist and program director of the 24 News
- Cvetko Smilevski, founder and leading consultant at DETRA Centar
Centre for Non-formal Education Triagolnik for 10 years has been working on promoting the development of human capital at national and regional level. Through training, university programs and consultancy services, Triagolnik works on developing the capacities of individuals, organizations and institutions while contributing to the development of a stable economic society.
For additional information contact Mirjana Gjorgjevska:
+389 071 224 314.