Strategic planning for the Institute of social activities

Centre for non formal education Triagolnik has long term collaboration with Adoptions Centrum from Sweden, based on achieving significant results in building the capacities of staff from institutions that provide social services.
Adoptions Centrum has started its contribution towards building the capacities of institutional staff in Macedonia in 2009 when supported the implementation of the project “Strengthening the capacities of staff and children in children’s home “11 Oktomvri“ and after successful implementation of the 5 year lasting project this year funded the Strategic planning of the Institute for Social Activities in the Republic of Macedonia

The strategic planning was led by the experts for strategic planning from Triagolnik that used the unique model in order to create strategic plan that would give functional direction on the various activities of the institution.

As a result of the process now the Institute of Social activities has revised vision and mission and also clear institutional purpose. Also were developed 3 year goals, and different strategies for achieving the goals. On the planning process actively participated 9 staff members and the director of the institution. Every part of the planning was inclusive and interactive in order to ensure higher level of ownership over the prepared document. In addition to this were held 10 individual support management meetings with the institution director in order to give additional support in assessment of institutions work, monitoring and evaluation of individual plans on daily and on quarterly and annual level. By this the Institute gained all necessary skills for successful and sustainable planning on micro level (for the Institute) and macro level (to monitor work of other Institutions).

In the future the collaboration between Triagolnik and Adoptions Centrum will continue. Triagolnik already made initial meetings with other three institutions, Ranka Milanovikj, 25 Maj and Home for infants and toddlers in order to make suitable base for conducting their strategic planning.