Partnership for development and Financial Sustainability-INDIA

On the 4th, 5th and 7th of November was conducted the training: Partnership for development and Financial Sustainability, part of the project Integrative approach for sustainability supported by AdoptionsCentrum Sweden.

On the training active participation took professional staff from Prayas- Juvenile Aid Centre and Naz Foundation, both from New Delhi, India. The participants of the training were part of their educators and also the management staff of the organizations. On the training participated 25 participants.

Mainly the accent of the training was on Partnership for development,  the knowledge and skills from the field of identifying, establishment and maintaining partnerships, negotiation as connecting element narrowed towards increasing self-confidence in correspondence to reaching the desired goals. The combination of training exercises and well measured dose of theory once again proved as wining point in gaining applicable knowledge, especially developing those crucial skills that would empower the participants to apply it in their everyday life. The training for Financial sustainability- Fundraising demonstrated as very useful for the participants especially for those that are working as fundraisers in the organizations. During this training they were able to learn how an individual can contribute towards building Financially Sustainable organization.

The group was highly participative in the process of learning, starting from their active participation in the discussions, further participation in the training activities, and sharing information and experiences with the rest of the group mainly professional but also some personal from their daily life.

You can check up this link for more photos.

Sustainable interventions on local level for Roma youth integration

On the 11.11.2014, will be implemented the workshop ” The role of the local community and Roma civil society organizations in establishing sustainable interventions for Roma youth integration”. This workshop is part of the project Program for advocacy and lobbying for Roma Youth, activists in civil society organizations, which is supported by European Youth Foundation. 

On the workshop will take active participation representatives from the municipalities where  the included civil society organizations are implementing their activities like: municipality of Kumanovo, municipality of Tetovo and municipality of Suto Orizari and representatives from City of Skopje.

The main goal of this workshop is to be analyzed potential collaboration points between the organizations and the municipalities in order to improve the current situation of Roma youth on local level. During this workshop will be presented possibilities for fundraising and the benefits of partnering between organizations and municipalities in order to create important changes in the community.