Location of the action: Skopje, Tearce, Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Delcevo

In the framework of the project 100 selected participants visited the six month course: Basis of community youth work that enabled them to become active citizens and create positive changes in their community.

The purpose of this course is the youth leaders and people who professionally or voluntarily work with youth to gain knowledge and skills in the area of social education and non-formal education.

Content of the Course:

The Course Basis of community youth work contains 6 educative modules that build the capacities of the participants in the following areas: introduction to youth work and non-formal education; ethics in working with youth; management of self and others, planning the work with the youth; work with individuals; work with conflicts and diversity; work with groups.

After the course, the participants implemented developmental projects with youth related to the needs of the particular community encouraging the spirit of active citizens. The projects were focused on unemployment, multiethnic collaboration, equal opportunities and diversity, and protection of the environment.

Additional information:

-          The program Active citizens have been implemented by British council since 2009 in 20 countries in Europe and 8 countries in Africa and Asia.

-          Triagolnik implemented this course third year in a row. The course is developed based on the model of the specialized program for Leadership and developmental community youth work that has been implementing since 2002 with the collaboration of the University of Jonceping, Sweden. Thanks to British council, this year, the course’s program was upgraded with the new concepts of the program Active citizens.

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