Project title: Debate club

Location of the action: Skopje, Macedonia


General objective:


To contribute to the development of a mechanism that will train youth to become active in their communities and encourage them to be actively involved in a creation of a democratic society by initiating positive changes.



  • To empower the capacities of group of high school students in critical thinking, effective communication and cooperation
  • To develop the professional capacities of group of high school students in the area of English language and oratory
  • To empower the capacities of the teachers in order for them to initiate positive changes among their students through the methods of non-formal education



  • The youth have improved their communication skills and the comprehension of the English language, by which they have empowered their professional capacities
  • Youth have developed bigger understanding towards the needs and interest of the other ethnical communities
  • The schools have educated staff able to implement non-formal education in the frame of extracurricular activities
  • Lower level of prejudice on ethnical and cultural basis achieved through the direct contact with youth from different ethnical background, working on sensitive subjects in ethnically mixed groups and exchange of opinions
  • Organized debated contest
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