Project title: Improved competencies of children at the orphanage “11 Oktomvri” for independent life

Location of the action: Skopje, Macedonia, Institution for care of children without parents and parental care “11 Oktomvri” Objectives: To prepare children in institutional care for life after the institution so that they are better skilled to live an independent life. A model for youth work at the children’s home “11 Oktomvri” will lead to a smoother social integration in society of the children and youths growing up there.


  • The children at the orphanage have received skills, knowledge and the right attitude to help them to start an independent life. The children and youths participate in activities outside the institution.
  • The employees at “11 Oktomvri” have skills and knowledge that enables them to continuously provide relation based youth work and non-formal education to prepare the children in institutional care for independent life.
  • Local and national decision makers take into consideration the needs of children in institutional care in new legislation and when designing different mechanisms concerning these children.
  • Triagolnik has been reinforced and can serve as experts/consultants. Triagolnik has educated volunteers.
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