This course is structured as multi modular training, which covers different modules and methods of learning. It is designed for civil society organizations that are committed on conceptualized, strategically substantiated, functional and for long term achievement of their goals, tasks and programs. The advocacy and lobbying capacity is the key for strengthening the civil sector, their integration and increased participation. Triagolnik has an experience of many years and expertise in successful implementation of training in this field. Significant fact is the work in the year 2012, when the program for strengthening the capacities of 63 activists from 32 civil society organizations was conducted. The activists and the civil society organizations were from Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The program covers the following topics:

  • introduction to advocacy and lobbying
  • legal frameworks and implementation of social research
  • partnership for development and negotiation  skills
  • managing campaigns for advocacy
  • drafting of policies
  • public relations and social marketing
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