It is designed for everyone interested or in need of development in the field of youth work and non-formal education. Triagolnik offers professional experience and expertise, based on one decennial work in the same field. This program is especially interesting for teaching and educational staff from primary and secondary schools. The goal is to give expertise and support in the process of advancement of their competencies in order to improve the quality of their youth work.

The program is conceptually separated in 2 levels and it covers the following topics:

Level 1

  • introduction in youth work and personal development
  • adolescence period
  • management in the frameworks of youth work
  • working with individuals
  • working with conflicts and differences
  • working with groups


Level 2

  • basic principles of training in the context of youth work
  • conducting of social research in the context of youth work
  • developing training program: establishing of training, defining goals, implementation and evaluation
  • training- practical application in real environment
  • specific topics that are processed through training


In the framework of this program practical work for the participants is envisaged as well as individual support in a form of tutorials.

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