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Management is a one of the skills that is increasingly gaining importance and many employers list it as a prerequisite/preference in employment. You will learn everything you need to successfully lead a project from conception to a final successful realization. The acquired knowledge will enable you to participate as project managers or team leaders, and become professionals in this field.

The knowledge and the competences covered during the training are:

  • Basic terms, concepts and phases of the project cycle, an analysis of the needs, effectiveness and cost-benefit of the project, an analysis of internal and external environment and an analysis of the stakeholder.
  • Formulation of SMART goals, identification of results and design of the activities relevant to the expected impact and changes that need to be caused by the project intervention.
  • Logical analysis of the project by using a logical matrix (LFA – Logical Framework Analysis) in order to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the project activities.
  • Assumption and management of risk as well as financial management of the projects. Finally, the monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the progress and results of the project intervention are covered.

Designed for those who want to train theselves in the field of project management, those who are already working in this area in the public, private and civil sector, those who want to progress in the working position, and those who want to gain multidisciplinary education (eg. sports management, music management, etc.)

Price: 9000 den for applying before March 10, 30% discount = 6300 den

Location: Skopje, Triagolnik – training centre

We offer this training twice:

-          from March 3 to March 30, 28 hours

-          7,8, 14, 15 June, 28 hours

For more information contact us every work day from 8:30am to 4:30pm on:
Tel: +389 2 32 90 389 
Contact person: Emilija Veteroska Jovanoska

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