Methodology key for success

The difference between Triagolnik and the other service providers is the used methodology.  Our focus is to create visible results. Results that can be seen right away and are packed together with applicative solutions that are functional in long terms.  Our goal is providing applicative knowledge based on methodology of non-formal education. We are not concentrating on transfer of knowledge (the other service providers do only that), but we are also concentrating on receiving of information and accepting the information in a form of a new knowledge. As a result, the personal views are changed and that leads towards behavioural changes. Those changes are the key results, because only that guarantees further successful implementation of the gained knowledge.

We are not promising much, only one thing- with us you will succeed!

Why Triagolnik is the best partner for your personal, professional, and business transformation?


We know – The team of Triagolnik continuously upgrades and enriches its capacities, skills, and knowledge through continuous training and learning. Our expertise and professionalism are result of a long process of continuous improvement. Therefore, we are number 1 resource centre in the field of services and trainings for individuals, business, civil and public sector.

We listen – You and your success are our priority, and we carefully listen to your needs, your specific requirements and your unique characteristics. We conduct a detailed analysis of your individual, organizational, and business needs to create a model and a strategy that will suit your specifics thus guaranteeing a maximum result.

We recognize – By detecting your specifics, we adjust our approach to fit your needs.  We use a model which is based on the functionality of the services and trainings and focused on minimizing the most common mistakes in order to maximize the result. To this model we come through a thorough analysis of the functionality of the training, the plans and the strategies, in order to eliminate the shortcomings and the obstacles that lead to poor performance.

We can adjust – By using a tailor-made approach, we ensure that we will deliver the best possible alternative to the client taking into consideration the client’s needs at most. We guarantee success. Therefore, our approach includes defining expected goals, results and applicable success measures, as well as application of continuous mechanisms for control of the quality of the delivered services and the achieved results.

We change – The goal is to change the attitudes that are crucial for developing the personal and the professional capacities, and the capacities of the individuals, businesses, organizations and institutions. Only by this approach, the behaviour changes can happen in a way that guarantees success and application of the learned. Therefore, we deliver applicable knowledge through practical work and individual approach while using the IKAB model of non-formal education.

We create – We deliver solutions that generate success. Not only that the results are visible immediately, but also they are successfully functional in the long term. That is the result of our expertise, carefully selected methods and approach, and extensive professional experience.

We guarantee – The success is inevitable. We stand behind what we deliver and we guarantee for the success. The direct work with clients, the focus on strategies that work, the implementation of knowledge through practice, the applicable solutions, the proven models and approaches are the elements that guarantee success.

We achieve – The evidence for our achievement are the 15.000 individuals who have completed our trainings and the 200 organizations and institutions that have undergone through the process of capacity building. We expand our field of action by taking over the business sector, through our programs for strategic planning and development. Our expertise is recognized and acknowledged not only in Macedonia, but also in the region.

We do not promise a lot, just one thing – with us you will succeed! If you are looking for a partner who will guarantee for your success, do not wander, find it in Triagolnik!

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