Project title: Young, Able, Aware

Location of the action: Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia

Development objective:

Young people are empowered, organized and active citizens, recognized and actively contributing to democratic and peaceful transition in society.

Programme Objective:

Targeted groups of young people strengthened and supported to claim their rights and actively participate in decision making in society.


  • Country specific duty bearers aware, educated and able to protect country specific youth rights
  • Country specific Governments and Civil Society Organizations (CSO) recognize Community Youth Work (CYW) as a tool for the empowerment of young people
  • Targeted youth groups gain skills and knowledge to take a proactive role in promoting and exercising named rights.
  • Triagolnik has sustainable structures and networks to deliver quality rights’ based programmes
  • Triagolnik has a diversified donor base
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