The training aims to help all those who are actively looking for work and want to develop and broaden their work skills. It is designed as a training which will successfully prepare the participants to deal with everyday work challenges, and offer relevant training for those who want to be upgraded professionally. Divided into three thematic units, the training focuses on:

  • Establishing a positive relationship with the environment: developing and improving communication skills, dealing with conflict, teamwork and ethics in the workplace.
  • Increasing personal productivity by recognizing and building on the personal style of behavior, identification of personal motivation factors and their own value system and the importance of setting priorities.
  • Increasing effectiveness in performing their duties by enhancing presentation skills, implementation of effective meetings, delegating and controlling tasks and managing time.

The training is recommended for unemployed people and those who currently complete their higher education or the start of their career, and want to gain knowledge and skills that will facilitate the hiring process and will make them more competitive in labor market.

The training offers a university degree diploma accredited by the Bologna ECTS system. The maximum number of credits that can be obtained is 30.

Цена: 590 eur with a promotional discount = 350 eur

Location: Skopje, Triagolnik – training centre

Duration: March 17 to May 12, 52 hours

For more information contact us every work day from 8:30am to 4:30pm on:
Tel: +389 2 32 90 389 
E-mail: obuki@triagolnik.org.mk
Contact person: Emilija Veteroska Jovanoska

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