невербална комуникација

90% of the messages that we share are send through nonverbal communication. That is huge percent of messages that we send unconsciously and we know very little about them.If you like to better present yourself through the non verbal messages that you send, to increase our self esteem and better to understand the non verbal messages that others send to you, this training is wonderful possibility for you!

With your participation, you will be able to:

  • identify your strengths in your non verbal messages
  • easier to say that what you want to say
  • easier to communicate with others
  • For WHO? Everyone oriented to personal development.

    Content of the training- Grouped in 3 segments:
    А) face to face- proxemics, eye contact, microexpressions, touch, paralanguage
    B) to audience- enhancing self confidence, body posture, gestures, using silence, decoding non verbal messages of the group
    C) profesional surrounding- communication with clients (according to hierarchy) , less controlled non verbal communication (fear, jitters, dissatisfaction)

    Duration: 2 days, (16 часа)
    Apply on: obuki@triagolnik.org.mk

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