We understand the problems and the challenges which the enterprises are facing as well as their possible weaknesses and deficiencies that are stopping the development and everyday functioning. As a result of that we are offering the following services:

Trainings for business sector

- Conflict transformation
- Team work
- Change management
- Self motivation and motivation of employees
- Stress management
- Decisions making
- Effective communication
- Presenting skills
- Negotiation

Trainings for civil society organizations and institutions

- Fundraising
- EU funds
- Project developing by LFA matrix
- Developing partnerships
- Rights-based approach
- Development and preparation of application for EU funds (goals and objectives, creating of project activities , LFA, budgeting)
- Financial management of projects funded by EU (building and managing of the project team, implementation of the project, ensuring quality of work, monitoring, evaluation)
- Training for trainers

Accredited courses

What you gain is acknowledgement of your knowledge and experience, and university degree diploma accredited by the Bologna ECTS system.

Training for organizations

Specifically designed for business organizations, civic organizations and institutions, for their unstoppable grow and development.

See the schedule of the training that we offer in the period from February to July of 2014.

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