This service is mostly applicable for organizations and institutions from the civil society sector that are starting or are planning the process of organizational changes. The goal is creating conditions for sustainable and long term development by using support model in the process of establishing or revision of the organization. That will provide daily unstoppable functioning and achieving of the given tasks and goals. We are doing that by creating a strategy based on the specifics and features of every organization/institution.
The key benefits that this model is supposed to provide are building of the internal organizational capacities, establishing organizational practices, policies and procedures, optimizing the organizational processes, maximizing the performance of the organization. In order to provide successful realization of these processes, the consulting model is based on the following steps:

• organizational diagnosis/assessment
• identification of key areas for improving
• conducting a process of fully or partially planning
• developing of functional strategies (marketing, fundraising, human resource development, research and development of services)
• revision of organizational practices and procedures
• series of training for self implementation of news

For organizations that are starting their work the service includes procedures for establishing non profit organizations:

• Administrative procedures
• Identification of the work field
• Formulation of strategy
• Designing organizational structure
• Design of practices

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