Training Name: Course – Basis of Community Youth Work (6 modules)

Location of activities: Kumanovo, Kavadarci, Tearce, and Skopje (Macedonia)

Period: 2008 – 2011

Target group: Teachers from middle and high schools, representatives of local institutions, educators from Children’s Home “11 Oktomvri”, social sector

Topics: Introduction to youth work in the community and personal development; Adolescence period; Working with individuals; Working with groups; Working with conflict and diversity; Management in youth work in the society;

The program is consists of 6 modules. Each module deals with a specific topic (from the previously mentioned ones) and lasts about 15 hours. The assessment of the participants in the program is done based on their attendance, participation and tasks being done. One of the mandatory elements of this course is the individual support given to the participants in the form of tutorials. For each level, 6 tutorials are essential to be done. The final element of this course is consists of the implementation of the compulsory internship which is mandatory for every participant. The practical work consists of approximately 25 hours working directly with young people.

Since 2008, this program continuously is implemented each year. Until today, 3 groups, with approximately 25 participants, have completed the course in Kumanovo and Kavadarci, and 2 groups in Tearce. 2 groups, with about 18 students, have completed this course in Children’s Home “11 Oktomvri”, in Skopje.

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