The partnership is half success. Therefore, the success is consisted of carefully choosen partners. Just as Triagolnik is the right partner for your individual, organizational and business success, we built our professional development in partnership with a range of institutions and organizations. They recognized our efforts, initiatives, capabilities and potentials, by investing some of their resources, knowledge, practices and methods to provide us their full support in meeting our goals.

Without their unselfish support, commitment, investment, education and confidence Triagolnik would not have become what it is today-the number one resource centre in the delivery of consulting services for capacity building of the business sector, individuals, civil society organizations and institutions.

Therefore, Centre for Non-formal Education – TRIAGOLNIK expresses special appreciation to:

The donors:
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency – SIDA, Forum Syd and European Commission for the given trust in our capacities, experience and eagerness to implement long term and sustainable interventions both on national and regional level.

The University of Jonkoping from Sweden for opening new horizons and perspectives, for sharing key knowledge and expertise, and for enabling us to implement brand new efficient model in Macedonia.

Civil society organizations in the region and Europe:
We express gratitude to the Swedish non-profit organization for international adoption – Adoptionscentrum, PRONI Centar za mladinski razvoj – Brcko (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Forum MNE (Montenegro), Forum SYD Kosovo and European Youth Information and Counselling Agency – ERYICA (Luxembourg) for the joint actions in strengthening the civic sector and increasing its participation in decision making processes, on national and regional level.

National civic organizations and institutions
For their cooperation, willingness to learn and to share knowledge in improvement of the quality of youth work and their direct support for the development of the young individuals. Thanks to the achieved cooperation with 200 organizations and institutions from Macedonia and the region, we developed the capacities of the civic and institutional sector and we set a positive example for implementing such practice of cooperation.

South East European University (SEEU):
For maintaining genuine and development partnership, for the joint efforts in development of the new professional occupation, Youth Worker, as well as for efforts in recognition of youth work and non-formal education in R. Macedonia and R. Kosovo.

Our volunteers and young enthusiasts who showed interest for professional growth and active involvement in Triagolnik’s activities, and whose capacities will be used in future educational activities. Without their unselfish efforts Triagolnik would not have been able to succeed in the implementation of its programs and goals.

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