Project title: ProActive

Location of the action

Country: Macedonia; Cities: Tetovo; Kumanovo; Kavadarci

Developmental objective: To embed a sustainable youth work model at local and national level that facilitates development of skills, knowledge and attitudes of diverse young people, supporting them to claim their rights and actively participate in community life

Programme objective:

  • Diverse young people in targeted areas have skills, knowledge and attitudes to claim their rights and exercise a proactive approach towards their lives and their communities;
  • Boundary partners (teachers, community workers, youth NGOs and NGOs working with youth, parents, educational institutions and decision makers at local/national level) recognize and support youth work as a valuable tool for young people’s authentic inter- and intra- personal development.


  • Groups of young people (Youth Fund volunteers, youth work volunteers and volunteer management structure of youth clubs) are trained and supported in decision making on local level;
  • Social education based youth work (e.g. workshops on communication skills, self-esteem, non-violent behaviour, conflict resolution, presentation skills, assertiveness, teamwork, prejudices and stereotypes, cultural sensitivity, entrepreneurship, self-employment etc.) and activity-based youth work (quality use of free time in drama, dance, arts, sport and other activities) have been provided in these areas;
  • Facilitated intercultural learning through youth club exchanges, youth camps, workshops and student’s practical placement with ethnically and gender mixed groups;
  • Prospective youth leaders (formal education teachers, NGO and community activists) are educated through Basis of Community Youth Work (BCYW) course;
  • Advocacy for integration of youth work within local institutions.
  • Organizational development in administrative, financial and human resource management, quality assurance mechanisms and reporting systems of partner NGOs is supported
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