We live in a time when the work tasks require from us 100% commitment, working at a fast pace and executing multiple tasks at the same time. All these factors cause stress, lack of motivation and inability to cope with everyday (work) commitments, which affect our personal life and our well-being. The stress in the workplace is one of the main reasons for reduced productivity, the lack of motivation and the poor performance. How to eliminate the stress and to stay productive and fulfilled as a person and as an employee?

This training will provide you the answer and through the training you will:

  • know what factors contribute to increasing the levels of personal stress;
  • know how to do an analysis of your own resources in terms of executing your duties and assessing whether the stress you feel is justified or not;
  • be able to recognize your own reactions when you are under stress (physical, emotional and cognitive);
  • adopt practical techniques for coping with the stress and you will be able to identify the techniques for reducing stress which are the most appropriate for you personally;
  • know to recognize how the stress affects your motivation in the workplace;
  • adopt practical techniques how to motivate yourself in order to improve the achievements in the workplace

This training is designed for those who want to learn how to reduce and to control the stress and thus become healthier, more motivated and more productive persons.

Price: 3000 den

Location: Skopje, Triagolnik – training centre

Duration: June 23 to July 21, 28 hours

For more information contact us every work day from 8:30am to 4:30pm on:
Tel: +389 2 32 90 389
E-mail: obuki@triagolnik.org.mk
Contact person: Emilija Veteroska Jovanoska

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