The strategic planning is the core for successful development and operation of companies and organizations. The knowledge acquired in this training is extremely important because it is crucial for development or extinction of one company. This training will allow you to advance your career, to gain a higher management position, but also to successfully run a business. Possessing all of these things will make you one of the most important players in your team. The training covers the following areas:

  • Strategic management as a process;
  • Types, levels and key functional strategies;
  • How to define the market, customers and company objectives
  • Elements of the strategic plan (vision, mission, analyzing the internal and external environment, design and selection strategies);
  • How to make evaluation which will have an impact on the decision – making process
  • Evaluation

This training is specifically designed for those who want to expand their area of ​​professional development, especially for those who want to advance their career. Primarily, it is extremely important for people on management positions or owners of small businesses who face daily decisions of long-term character.

The training offers a university degree diploma accredited by the Bologna ECTS system. The maximum number of credits that can be obtained this course is 30.

Location: Skopje, Triagolnik – training centre

For more information contact us every work day on:
Tel: +389 70 340053

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