Strategic planning is the most important segment that guarantees sustainability and development of any enterprise. The destiny and future of the business depends of the formulation and successful implementation, even for the smallest businesses. Our model of strategic planning is oriented only on results. By adopting the model we can guarantee that you will be able to survive the most critical first year and also every next one your business will grow. The growth will be measured not only by increased number of clients and employees but also you will be able to see profit growth.

How do we do that? The high degree of successfulness and sustainability of our model consists of high application of knowledge (through practical work, individual approach, experientially accepting knowledge), tailor made approach (every business has its own specifics, according to those specifics we create our models), expertise and professionalism of the consultants. As last and most important- the model is derived on the bases of thorough analyses of European and Macedonian companies and institutions. Which plans, actions and strategies are functional? Which are not and why? Special attention has been paid in detecting the most common mistakes and dysfunctions which result with low realization of plans. By eliminating the mistakes is created a model that brings them to minimum and that way is guaranteed maximal realization of plans and accomplishing the company’s strategic goals.

The approach towards every company is changed in accordance to the working experience of the company, is it new on the market or it is a company that has already defined market and services. In correlation of that, the services are variable, from the following:

  • Strategic planning as a process, sense and function of strategy
  • Types of strategies
  • Generating and choosing of strategy
  • Analysis of industry: competition, suppliers, distributors, clients
  • Analysis of external environment / surrounding including opportunities and treats
  • Identification of competitive advantage
  • Internal analysis: material, physical, human resources, strong and weak sides, organizational processes, operative efficiency
  • (Re)identification of market, clients, product (service)
  • Revision of key statements (mission, vision, purpose)
  • Choosing and development of functional strategies (marketing, human resources, finance)
  • Revision of organizational structure, politics and procedures

Annual operative plans

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