Triagolnik model of strategic planning

The strategic planning is strongly correlated with the ability of one business or an organization to survive the first year of its existence, and then to continue growing from year to year while increasing the range of customers and markets, the number of employees and certainly the profit for its owners.

This grow stands for increased investment power and ability to multiply the benefits for itself and for its employees and the communities in which we live in. Taking into consideration the conditions that govern the market today, the need for strategic planning is no longer an advantage or a luxury to large corporations, but a necessity that even the smallest business cannot survive on long-term basis.

Even though the practice of conducing strategic planning slowly revives on the Macedonian market; still the results and the effectiveness of the strategic plans do not always follow the effort involved in the process of its creation. Therefore, Centre for Non-formal Education Triagolnik conducted a thorough analysis on the applied approaches for strategic planning in Macedonia and the region in order to develop a concept that will be specifically adapted to the requirements of our market and will ensure a higher degree of applicability of the plans and focus on survival of the organization.

In accordance to the conclusions of this analysis, we own a model that combines several established and effective approaches with new techniques and methodology, whereby it ensures maximum effectiveness of strategic plans and long-term survival and sustainable organization.

Triagolnik is ready to share the responsibility with your organization and to guarantee that what we will jointly develop, you will be able to successfully realize it and hence to achieve the goals you set out for your organization/institution.

The results will not fail to come.

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