The team is the basic unit for productivity and success of the company. The team is not made by people randomly gathered on one place. The team is not born over night but is built through special process of getting acquainted to each other, learning, trials and also errors. The functionality of the team depends on the capability of the team members to work together, as one, every day. Every enterprise needs functional team. The functional team provides efficient and effective fulfilling of tasks and projects and also exceeds the challenges and increases the sale.

We are offering intensive training that for a short time will make your team like one organism. By detecting the most common detected error made by companies – they are sending people from different departments and different teams on team building training – our model is created in order to eliminate this mistakes which are not giving results. There are two possibilities: all of the individuals are involved in one training in order to build the perfect team, or training is delivered to a group of managers that in future will lead teams in the framework of trainings for team building. With the second model they will be able to create and lead more and different teams in your company. Choose which possibility is more applicable to your needs and build your winning team!

The covered topics are the following:

  • teams vs. working groups, differences and similarities
  • team building phases
  • team roles
  • factors that influences the effective team work
  • team culture
  • understanding of the functioning of the teams and building cohesion
  • inter and intra group communication
  • intragroup and intergroup conflicts and conflicts transformation
  • factors of team motivation
  • the role of the team leader in the team building process
  • leadership styles and organizational culture
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