In everyday communication the conflicts are uncomfortable and also unavoidable. That is a result of different opinions, views, solutions and needs that different people have. It is the same in the personal life and in the professional surrounding as well. That cannot be changed, but one thing that we can change is the way we solve and transform these conflicts.

Unsolved conflicts have big influence on the quality of the relations on the work place, on the motivation and also on the productivity of the employees. This results in company’s success being endangered. The first step towards conflict transformation is to understand the conflict, to recognize the personal behavior, how it is affecting the others, to learn how to communicate clearly and to recognize the non-constructive reactions of the others. That is the reason why it is necessary all employees, especially those on managing positions to build the skills and the attitudes which will be used in order to be able to respond constructively to the conflict in order to transform the conflict in promoting the interpersonal relations and increasing the overall performance of the organization.

All this can be achieved by working on the following topics:

  • phases of conflict development
  • reactions towards conflict situations
  • conflict styles
  • interests , goals and needs
  • conflict solving models (transformation, mediation, negotiation)
  • solving group conflicts/ team conflicts
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