Training title: Specialized program in Leadership and Community Youth Work (12 modular course)

Place: Skopje/Tetovo (Macedonia); Pristina (Kosovo)

Period: 2002 – current

Target group: Governmental officials, civil sector, students

Topics: Introduction to community youth work and personal development; The life stage of adolescence; Working with individuals; Working with groups; Working with conflict and differences; Management in community youth work; Principles of community youth work training; Introduction to research in community youth work; Community youth work training programme: goal setting, preparation, implementation and evaluation; Working with conflict and diversity;  Training: practical application in actual environment; co-working and use of training materials; Specific training issues: e.g. gender, violence, drugs, ethnicity, diversity.

This is accredited programme according to the ECTS. From 2002 to 2007 it was accredited by the School of Education and Communication, University of Jönköping, Sweden. Since 2007 it has been accredited by the Southeast European University in Tetovo, Macedonia.  The programme is divided in two levels or two semesters, each composed of 6 modules. Each module elaborates specific topic (stated above) and last approximately 20 – 25 hours. The performance of the programme participants is evaluated based on their attendance, participation and written assignment. Obligatory component of the course is the individual support to the participants in a form of tutorial sessions. For each level 6 tutorial sessions are obligated. The final component of the course is the compulsory practical work that each participant has to complete. The practical work is composed of approximately 50 hours (for both levels) of direct work with young people. Each level (semester) is accredited with 30 ECTS.

Since 2002 the programme is continuously being implemented each year. Until the present day 8 groups of Level A with approximately 25 students completed the course and 5 programme of Level B with approximately 25 students completed the programme.

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