Project title: ALTYO – Advocacy and Lobbying Training for Youth Organizations (IPA 2009 – Civil Society Facility – Regional Programmes)

Location of the action: Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Overall objective(s)

  • To empower youth CSOs in Macedonia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina to effectively influence decision-making processes at national and regional level
  • To establish cross-cutting policies that will ease the access to the labor market of vulnerable groups of youth

Specific objective

  • To build the capacities of youth CSOs working with vulnerable youth to use advocacy and lobbing as tools for sustainable societal change


  • Youth CSO in the three countries have skills and knowledge to actively engage in advocacy actions at national level
  • Increased knowledge/understanding of youth CSOs with regards to national/European laws and policies concerning youth
  • Established contacts/networks between youth CSOs at national and regional level
  • Advocacy actions on youth rights implemented in national partnership between youth CSOs for increasing the employment of the vulnerable groups: Roma youth, young woman, youth without parents and parental care, youth with handicap and youth from rural areas
  • Increased cross-border cooperation on promotion of youth rights;
  • Increased awareness among general public on relevant youth issues, especially with regards to marginalized groups
  • Increased communication between public authorities and youth CSOs with regards to relevant youth policies
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