Project title: Advocacy and lobbying program for young Roma CSO activists

Main goal: To build the capacities of young CSO activists working with Roma youth to be able to make sustainable interventions regarding rights of their target group

The project objectives are: 

  • To raise the awareness of targeted CSO activists for the need of advocacy and lobbing actions in making societal change;
  • To build the capacities of targeted CSO activists and their sending organizations to use the advocacy and lobbing in development of national policies;
  • To encourage establishing and maintaining partnership between CSO activists and their sending organizations and authorities in order to make greater societal impact;

Project activities: 

  • Project set up
  • Call for participants and selection
  • Advocacy and lobbing course
  • Workshop with local authorities
  • Dissemination activity 

With the implementation of this project Centre for Non formal education Triagolnik continues its effort for building the capacities of  civil society organizations that are working with different target groups.

The project is supported by European Youth Foundation (EYF)

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